My Personal Information Page

Well here I am, here on the web since 1996. Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Colin and I'm up in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Although I've worked at all kinds of different trades and jobs from digging graves to selling vacuum cleaners right on up to being a fully licensed auto mechanic, I am now in the Federal Public Service.

Back in 97 I had a rather nasty accident that ended my stints of working with my hands. Luckily I was able to get into a pretty good re-training program once I got back on my feet.
My already deep interest in computers led me into the field of Network support and administration and some of its various and nifty off-shoots.
I am partly disabled and have to be a bit careful in what I do but I consider myself pretty lucky to be still able to earn a living and lead a fairly active life though this sedentary type work is doing my waistline no good at all!

Of course my number one passion is shooting. My interests have changed a bit since this site got going but my love of shooting hasn't waned at all.
When I first built these pages the Swede Mauser's were my passion. Now I have discovered Black Powder Cartridges in the flavour of the .577 Snider. Feeding it led me to casting bullets and now shooting lead in all my rifles is slowly becoming my latest kick.

I also love woodworking and metalworking and Triumph Motorcycles. I would love to have the equipment to do everything I want to do. If I could just win the lottery I think I could stay busy for the rest of my days in my own machine shop! (Hey, I can dream can't I ??)

Luckily my family supports me in my hobbies and my wife doesn't give me TOO MUCH (hehe) grief every Sunday when I head off to the range. And my kids, Donna and Richard, having grown up with me doing this think its perfectly normal for Dad to spend Sundays away punching holes in paper and have him priming shells in the living room come Monday evening to get ready to do it again the following week. They are great kids.

I don't get a LOT of time to work on these pages and from time to time the links will get out of date. Such is the way the Internet works. But if you do see a dead link or want to suggest ideas for articles and links, please do contact me. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can.