Rifle Projects

I started with a very worn 303 Citadel Martini. I discarded the sewer pipe bore and had a #4mkI Enfield barrel fitted.
Then I went to a local lumber yard and bought a nice piece of 2 1/4'' Walnut.

The rules are simple but can take months...
Carve, rasp and sand every piece of the wood that doesn't look like a gun stock!

The wood received a multitude of coats of oil finish, wet-sanded into the wood, up to 2000 grit paper.
The brass received the same treatment plus a good metal polish afterwards.

Then I built a tang mounted aperture site for it from an MkIII Enfield, A site base from a Mauser and a spring from a Martini rear site.

The Turkish - Swedish - British - Israeli - Mannlicher Mauser

The Turkish Mausers are a bit of an odd-ball Mauser. This model is the M1903 which while built as an M98 model Large-Ring Mauser, retains the small diameter barrel threads of the earlier Small-Ring Mausers.
This allows an easy switch from the standard 8mm x 57mm caliber to the smaller calibers like 6.5mm x 55mm Swedish or the ever popular 7mm x 57mm Mauser calibers using available surplus barrels.

For this gun I used a 24'' Swedish M38 barrel in 6.5mm x 55mm.
The Original Turkish barrel was 29'' long so with the shorter barrel came an opportunity to use the stock as a Mannlicher design.

The nose cap was fashioned from one of now unused Turkish barrel bands and an Israeli Mauser front site hood.

Lastly, the original straight bolt-handle was cut off and an Enfield bolt handle was welded into its place.

A few of my `Do-it-yourself' Fiberglass stocked Rifles

A beat-up Israeli Mauser was bought for $125 CDN that someone had already drilled and tapped and installed this cheap Tasco 4X scope onto.
I used the original stock as a template (It is still in its original condition) to make a mold for the fiberglass stock.
I ended up, after some testing, in bedding the entire length of the barrel into the forend.

This gun will shoot 5 shot, one inch groups at 100 yards all day long...I kid you not.
Its my deer rifle now and does that job as good or better than any $700 commercially made rifle.

This started out as a South American mauser action. It has a commercially made barrel in varmint weight and chambered in 6.5mm x 55mm Swedish caliber.
It wears a Bushnell 6X - 24X scope on Leopold bases.