Rifle Vise

I got this idea from browsing a Cabella's catalog. These guys want around $60 for their ``Hardwood Gun-Vise". I used some scrap materials that were just leftovers from some woodworking projects to build this. It holds any rifle securely for cleaning or maintenance.

The project is straightforward enough that you probably can figure it out on your own. For those who are short of time though, I do have a complete plan available that includes the template for the lock down cam parts.

The cam lever and block are the only parts that require some careful sanding and fitting to work well. When done right you can pick up the rifle and the vise will lift with it. I also line any surfaces that contact the gun with either leather or rubber from an old inner-tube. Below is what you will need.

if you need the actual plans and templates - SEE BELOW...


Instructions to Print - the 4 individual image scans below can be printed full page to allow you to work with the plan as it was originaly created.

RIGHT click each image and select "Save As". Save them to your desktop and then print them out "full page".